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Kennard, LCSW, CHWC

Camille Kennard is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified health and wellness coach. Camille’s passion for Mindfulness came while working in healthcare as a licensed mental health therapist. She wanted to find more holistic ways to help her patients and coworkers with grief, chronic pain, PTSD, burnout, stress and other issues to improve their well-being and quality of life. Camille started her personal journey with mindfulness as an important component to improving her physical and mental health. She explored mindful eating to change her relationship with food and attended MBSR and MSC classes in hopes to discover how to get help for chronic stress, burnout, and fatigue. After attending a day long silent retreat Camille was completely enamored with the effects of mindfulness on her mind and body and knew this is what she wanted to spend her life living and teaching. Camille received her masters degree in Social Work from the University of Utah and coaching certification through Wellcoaches School of Coaching.