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Thomas found his way into the world of meditation as a disheveled and emotionally bruised teenager. Back in the late 90’s in Salt Lake City, where teachers were fewer and far between, he happened to move into a neighborhood where a booming Zen community was just forming. Thus he entered the wormhole. It was love at first sit. Though he found the practice to be challenging, even excruciating at times, he sensed that something deep within him was transforming even from the beginning. By the time he turned 20, he felt called to make a pilgrimage back to the Motherland of Zen, mainland China, where he spent 4 years as a lay practitioner. Over the last 20 years, Thomas has studied broadly across the traditions: from Hindu mantra meditation, Zen and Vipassana in the Buddhist Wisdom stream, to the school of Integral, Developmental Psychology, and his native tradition, Mormonism. He founded Lower Lights School of Wisdom, a nonprofit organization and community dedicated to reimagining faith and human transformation in the 21st century. He is an author, public speaker, developmental coach and meditation teacher.