Parent Guidance


Move Toward™ with Jenna: Anger and Frustration

If you are struggling with feelings of anger and frustration, you are not alone. These emotions are natural protective responses that we all have and must work through when faced with trying circumstances.

Counter to what one may think, if we wish to move beyond these difficult emotions, we must Move Toward™ them first––in order to learn why they are there and what they are trying to tell us.

In her latest Move Toward™ class, focused on anger and frustration, Jenna Riemersma, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Level III Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist, EMDR therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Supervisor (CSAT-S), Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist Supervisor (CMAT-S), and a National Certified Counselor (NCC), uses her “Three Steps of Moving Toward”––notice, know, and need, to help us reconnect with ourselves and gain a better understanding of where our anger and frustration is coming from.

Jenna challenges us to ask hard questions like:

What does anger want me to know?
How is my anger trying to help me?
What does my anger need from me in order to feel comfortable and not work so hard?

Why Our Children Self-Harm and How Parents Can Help

We’ve received a lot of questions about self-harm behavior in children. It makes sense that we’re getting a lot of inquiries because we know that at least one in four young women and one in seven young men are dealing with self-harm, as a way of trying to cope with negative emotions or low self esteem or the pressures of the environment that our kids are facing.

Meditation for Polarized Parts

In this guided meditation, Jenna Riemersma helps you the parts of you that are at war (i.e. wanting to eat junk food but also wanting to be healthy). Explore and get to know the very normal experience of being human – having polarized parts – and get to know them so you can help them relate to each other in a new way.

De-Escalating Cycles of Conflict

This course will help you:

  • Identify relational conflicts that are repetitive
  • gain awareness and understanding of your inner parts that become triggered
  • learn the unique skill of speaking FOR your parts, rather than FROM them, that is a powerful tool to de-escalate conflict and enhance real relational intimacy.

Join Jenna as she illustrates these principles with a humorous example from her life!

Unlock Your Inner Parent Superhero

In this course, Jenna Riemersma, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Level III Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist, EMDR therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Supervisor (CSAT-S), Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist Supervisor (CMAT-S), and a National Certified Counselor (NCC), helps us step into our most wise, most heroic parent selves by going inward and exploring the parts of is that come up around the challenges we are facing.

Connect With Your Child By Parenting with Purpose

Based on the research and clinical work of Dr. Kevin Skinner, this course was founded upon survey responses from thousands of parents that represent different countries, religions, and beliefs.

The course dives into the basics of human needs and connection. It addresses the simple but often over-looking things that are crucial to a healthy parent-child relationship. You will gain a clear understanding of how connection occurs and how you can begin to respond to your child in ways that will build trust, understanding, and closeness.

Coping, Healing and Finding Peace Through Mindfulness

Much of life is spent trying to make up for what’s missing or lacking. There’s a mindset of “if I do this or that I’ll be more fulfilled.” Those things we seek aren’t necessarily bad but there is a feeling of restlessness. Through mindfulness you can find calm by settling into the moment and realizing that you’re already complete. It will help you return to fundamental wholeness. It is these simple principles of mindfulness that have the power to completely transform your life.

R.E.A.L. Relationships

Join Dr. Paul Parkin as he delivers an unmatched course on empathy, positive psychology, and finding happiness for yourself and in your closest relationships.

Dr. Parkin is a gifted story teller who delivers an animated, easy-to-understand introduction to the science of happiness and relationships. He covers the four basics of all relationships: Reflexivity, Empathy, Adaptability, and Love. But this isn’t your typical relationship course. Paul focuses on scientifically proven methods for you to build real happiness.

Course topics include:

How we learn
The power of journaling
Why “Mars vs. Venus” is the wrong way to look at men and women
The secret to happiness
The power of empathy
How to deal with emotions
Intimacy and Passion

Hope Through Art: A Journey to Self Awareness & Courage

Not everything that needs to be said can be spoken. Join artist Nora Ballantyne and experience the power of art therapy. During this class you will find hope and renewal by trying something new, unfamiliar, and fun. Purge whatever negative feelings you’re carrying around by giving them their own space.

During trials and difficult times you can end up feeling lost, overwhelmed and like you have no control. This class will give you a blank slate. It’s not about art technique or the end result. Perfection is not the goal. It’s about stretching yourself and the process of finding calm and freedom of expression. It’s about taking what’s going on with you right now, what’s in your soul, putting that on paper and transforming it into art. As you do that you will find your own strength, confidence, and the capability to be brave.