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Course Category: Coping

Beating The Fear That You’re Not Enough

It’s commonly said that we’re our own worst critic. Why are we so hard on ourselves and what is the impact of our self judgements? Why do we continually tell ourselves we’re not enough?Join Kim Giles and Nicole Cunningham as they explain the psychology behind our thoughts and self judgements. Learn how we can rewire our brains, improve our self belief, and live up to our potential.

Writing For Happiness

Writing can be a powerful tool to help regulate difficult emotions and understand who you are. Join Lisa Valentine Clark as she teaches you how writing your story and letting your thoughts flow freely can help you live a more grateful, happy, fulfilled, and deliberate life. Learn tips, ideas, and writing exercises that will enhance the writing experience and improve your emotional health.

Hope Through Art: A Journey to Self Awareness & Courage

Not everything that needs to be said can be spoken. Join artist Nora Ballantyne and experience the power of art therapy. During this class you will find hope and renewal by trying something new, unfamiliar, and fun. Purge whatever negative feelings you’re carrying around by giving them their own space.

During trials and difficult times you can end up feeling lost, overwhelmed and like you have no control. This class will give you a blank slate. It’s not about art technique or the end result. Perfection is not the goal. It’s about stretching yourself and the process of finding calm and freedom of expression. It’s about taking what’s going on with you right now, what’s in your soul, putting that on paper and transforming it into art. As you do that you will find your own strength, confidence, and the capability to be brave.

How To Let Go of Your Deepest Regrets

Regret can be one of the worst feelings that you can ever experience in life. Regrets are so painful because you can’t go back and fix them. Fortunately, there are ways to heal and prevent those feeling of regret in life.

Regret is so painful because it plays off of our two core fears. Fear of failure and fear of loss. Join Kim Giles and Nicole Cunningham as they outline the tools for not only healing past regrets but way to change your mindset and avoid future regrets.

Emotional Response & Reflection

Join Stace Christianson, self-empowerment and emotional health expert to learn what your emotions really reflect about you and those you interact with. Find empowerment through emotional understanding and learn how to rescript your emotions to turn them into a positive experience.

Course topics include:

Understanding Enmeshment
Love & Emotional Intimacy
How others treat me doesn’t reflect me