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Helping Your Child When They’re Bullied

Bullying is a pervasive issue that Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson has seen growing exponentially over the past several years. In this course, Dr. Lopez-Larson discusses how to identify bullying, treatment options, strategies for prevention, and more.

Topics include: What bullying is and isn’t, Who bullies and who gets bullied, Stopping the bullying cycle, Bullying in social media, Bullying in school, and Bullying in sports.

Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Development: 5-10 Years of Age

In this first of a four course series, Dr. Skinner teaches the common issues children between the ages of 5-10 face that can either negatively or positively impact their identity.

When we know what to expect, we are prepared and can predict what a child will go through, being more available to help them, should they need it.

This is the first of four courses. Additional courses in this series address ages 11-13, 14-18 and 19+.

How to Respond When Your Child Says They’re Struggling with Pornography

As parents, it can be difficult to know how to respond when your child expresses they’re concerned with their pornography use.

In this short course, Dr. DeVon Mills, shares practical and real life examples of what not say to your child when they express concerns, based off of his experience, research and working with clients.

Protecting Our Children by Staying Aware and Involved

Knowing how to protect our children from technology moves so fast and is very difficult to manage. And, oftentimes, the way we react as parents can make issues worse. In this course, Dr. Kevin Skinner educates on parenting pitfalls and offers practical solutions to effectively managing technology use.

In this course, Dr. Skinner teaches

  • Guiding Principles of Effective Parenting
  • Educate About the Truth of Our Devices
  • Device Awareness
  • Avoid Being Blindsided
  • Expecting Challenges
  • Disciplined Parenting

De-Escalating Cycles of Conflict

This course will help you:

  • Identify relational conflicts that are repetitive
  • gain awareness and understanding of your inner parts that become triggered
  • learn the unique skill of speaking FOR your parts, rather than FROM them, that is a powerful tool to de-escalate conflict and enhance real relational intimacy.

Join Jenna as she illustrates these principles with a humorous example from her life!

How To Help Your Loved One Change

In this course, Jon Taylor (LCSW, CSAT) walks individuals through how to move their loved one toward treatment, reduce their loved one’s addictive behavior whether or not they have engaged in treatment, and improve their own lifestyle.

Unlock Your Inner Parent Superhero

In this course, Jenna Riemersma, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Level III Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist, EMDR therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Supervisor (CSAT-S), Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist Supervisor (CMAT-S), and a National Certified Counselor (NCC), helps us step into our most wise, most heroic parent selves by going inward and exploring the parts of is that come up around the challenges we are facing.

Connect With Your Child By Parenting with Purpose

Based on the research and clinical work of Dr. Kevin Skinner, this course was founded upon survey responses from thousands of parents that represent different countries, religions, and beliefs.

The course dives into the basics of human needs and connection. It addresses the simple but often over-looking things that are crucial to a healthy parent-child relationship. You will gain a clear understanding of how connection occurs and how you can begin to respond to your child in ways that will build trust, understanding, and closeness.

Heroic Parenting

Learn how to achieve influence in your parenting. Understand the difference between “strictness” and “controlling” in parenting. Children can adjust and thrive within high levels of structure. What children often cannot adjust to is the parent who tries to impose a belief, opinion, philosophy, or feeling onto them.

R.E.A.L. Relationships

Join Dr. Paul Parkin as he delivers an unmatched course on empathy, positive psychology, and finding happiness for yourself and in your closest relationships.

Dr. Parkin is a gifted story teller who delivers an animated, easy-to-understand introduction to the science of happiness and relationships. He covers the four basics of all relationships: Reflexivity, Empathy, Adaptability, and Love. But this isn’t your typical relationship course. Paul focuses on scientifically proven methods for you to build real happiness.

Course topics include:

How we learn
The power of journaling
Why “Mars vs. Venus” is the wrong way to look at men and women
The secret to happiness
The power of empathy
How to deal with emotions
Intimacy and Passion