Why Does My Child Lie?

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Why does a child lie?
Maybe they want attention.
They just don't wanna get in trouble.
Have you ever wondered if the lying is
because they're embarrassed?
They're ashamed by their behavior, they don't want
to get in trouble because of their behavior,
and so they find a way to skirt around it
and perhaps they're afraid of your response, your rejection?
What would happen if mom and dad reject me?
So a person who chooses to lie usually does so
because they don't want the rejection that comes
with their behavior.
So one of the best things that we can do to confront
or deal with it is to actually address that.
If you're afraid to tell me,
is there something in our relationship that makes it
so you're scared to talk with me.
So I want you to understand something that's your parent.
I'm most interested in honesty.
If you tell me that you did something, if you tell me
that X, Y, Z happened
and you own that, that takes courage.
And I just want you to know that I'm proud,
even if you did something really stupid
that doesn't change my love for you.

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