Your child can be...

confident. healthy. motivated. happy. strong. stable.


We provide coaches to help parents.

Coaches are like your virtual parenting assistant. Both working together, you can dependably parent in a way that helps your child thrive.

Your child can be...

confident. healthy. motivated. happy. strong. stable.


We provide coaches to help parents.

Coaches are like your virtual parenting assistant. Both working together, you can dependably parent in a way that helps your child thrive.

Mental health issues touch most children.
How you handle your child’s difficult moments now can influence their mental health later.

About 20% of students ages 12-18 experienced bullying nationwide. [Source]

The rate of suicide among those aged 10 to 24 increased nearly 60% between 2007 and 2018. [Source]

Suicide is the third leading cause of death in 15-19-year-olds. [Source]

An estimated 10-20% of adolescents globally experience mental health conditions. [Source]

With a coach, you will have a 24/7 sounding board

Your coach will breathe enlightened insight, energy and validation into your personal family’s challenges…day to day, week to week, even year to year when you feel too stuck, too alone, or too exhausted to handle them.


We want you to be a “protective factor” and superhero when it comes to your child’s mental health.

We believe parents and trusted loved ones have greater power than they realize to positively impact their child’s mental health.

You'll say "I got this".

Our clinical team work in conjunction with you and your coach through what we call “Therapy Roadmaps.” This centralized hub for the coaching experience helps you learn and navigate difficult parenting topics with expert confidence.


We are backed by research and evidence based principles of effective parenting.


Basic Needs

Learn the basic needs that help children grow into happy, healthy adults. Learn how to create safety, have healthy contact, how to offer physical, relational and emotional nourishment and the A.R.E. method for child soothing.


Attachment is vital to our child’s development. Learn about ambivalent, avoidant and disorganized attachment and how to create a secure and healthy attachment with your child.

Attachment Barriers

Learn how abuse, anxiety and parental shame can hinder healthy attachment. Learn skills and strategies to overcome parental shame in order to create secure attachment.

Suicide Prevention

We believe 99% of suicides can be prevented through education and understanding. Learn why suicide occurs, the warning signs of suicide, what not say and do, what you need to say and do and where you can go for help.

Identity Formation

Learn how your child’s environment plays a part in their identity. Learn about neuro maps, how the mindset of your child can affect their ability to thrive and how the ability to feel self-worth has an incredible impact on your child’s identity.

Parenting Principles

Learn how the need for parental warmth, effective behavioral and psychological control and self-love all work together, helping you be there for your child during the difficult times.

Our therapist developed RoadMaps keep you organized, give you a reference guide and direct your education, tools and skill development.

With anytime messaging, you don't have to go at it alone. Your coach will always be there for you, giving you hope when you feel stuck or without answers.

Why Coaching?
answered by Andrea, our Coaching Director



What is the coaching curriculum and why is it important?



Why is parent self care important?



Why is consistency important?



How can your coaches help me?



How is coaching different from therapy or intensives?



Why Join parentguidance.org coaching?

Never feel alone with friendships, connection and peer support.

Built by Therapist but More Accessible than Therapy



Homeschooling mother of 6, with a goal to educate my clients so that they can help their children help themselves.


Certified coach

Mother of 6, do-it-yourself enthusiast, with a desire to help share knowledge that has been so helpful to me in my life.


Certified coach

Great listener, tenured mom of 4 girls who understands the difficulties of parenthood and wants to help others.


Certified coach

Mom of two, occasional triathlete, looking to support others on the crazy ride of parenting.

Built by Therapists But More Accessible than Therapy

Parent Guidance.Org Coaching is built by our team of therapists but is more flexible and accessible than therapy.


Andrea Rowley

Coaching Program Manager

Bloom for Women, Path for Men and Brighter Mornings Coaching Manager, Developmental Therapist

Dr. Kevin Skinner

Core Faculty

Co-Founder and Clinical Director, Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy

Jenna Riemersma

Core Faculty

Clinical Director of Atlanta Center at The Atlanta Center for Relational Healing, IFS Level 3, LPC, Best Selling Author of Altogether You

Dr. Devon Mills

Core Faculty

MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, Director at Richmont Trauma Center

Dr. Greg Hudnall

Core Faculty

Founder of Hope Squad, Masters in Social Work, Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration, EdD in Education Leadership

Coaching is not for everyone. Schedule a free consultation call to see if it's right for you.

Become a “protective factor” and superhero when it comes to their child’s mental health.


Group Coaching

Feel stuck and want connection but lack local support or specialization


Individual Coaching

Feel stuck and want connection but feel uncomfortable in groups



We don’t allow you to choose your coach, just your time. However, all of our coaches are trained and qualified to help guide you. If at any time you need to switch to another group time, we would be happy to assist you in making that transition.

Over seven weeks and using a curriculum developed by our own research and core faculty of therapists, our coaches are trained on each individual step of the program. The objective of the training is to teach our coaches how to give education, provide connection, navigate the ins and outs of parenthood, develop consistency, give parents a voice to their struggles, provide continued support and prepare parents to help others


Our Coaching Manager, Andrea, will provide ongoing training and monitoring of our coaches. 

While the curriculum lasts 18 weeks. However, once the program is completed, we implement a “looping” format where we start the curriculum over again. We encourage those that have completed the curriculum to stay on, maintain the close relationship with the community and continue learning.

No. There are no contracts. You can cancel anytime.

No. Coaching is not therapy and our coaches are not therapists. Should you need a therapist, we refer to the AddoRecovery.com network of therapists.

No. Should you need a therapist, we refer to the AddoRecovery.com network of therapists.

Workshops are content specific, linear and time banded. Coaches are there for you all the time and customize your experience to your needs in an effort to help you continue to move forward.