How Can I Know My Child Better?

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On a scale between zero and a hundred, what percentage of your ability to understand your child? In other words, how much do you understand your child's challenges? Who their best friends are, what their experiences are, and how they're experiencing school? Their, their, their own fears, their worries, maybe some of the other life challenges that you don't know. How, what percentage would you say, I know this percentage of my child, I know this much about them.

Now, as parents, you know, this is true. How many secrets did you keep from your parents? How many things did they not know that you were doing? Alright? So your parents, and they, they think they know you and, and if you're a parent, you know darn well as a teenager, you're like, nah, they don't know much about me.

But what happens when we actually have conversations, when we can talk about whatever, see, what we're missing in our society is conversations we're so, I love this question. We're missing these meaningful dialogues. And so the question you're really asking is, is who is my child? What are they experiencing? What are their life challenges? And and you can say, well, I don't know if my child wants to talk about that. Oh my goodness, get your child talking.

Create that kind of a safe environment because all relationships, if you're gonna take notes on anything I say tonight, this is the principle. All human connection is based upon one fundamental principle. And that's the principle of safety.

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