How Can We Have Conversations With Our Spouse About Screentime?

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This is a great question. How do we have conversation with our spouse regarding screen time without it seeming like we're complaining or trying to control them? You know, interesting question. This is a phenomenal question. Good, good, good. Thank you for bringing that up. I've been reading a book called iGen. You begin with because I would suggest that to everybody who's in, uh, attending tonight, read the book. iGen, just so you understand what we're dealing with. Take the time, get do some research, read the book. You can listen to it on Audible, but literally spend some time reading that book and then say to your spouse, you know what? I've been studying this 'cause I want to understand how to improve. This is what your spouse will appreciate. I've been thinking about how we can improve the interaction in our home so we can all have a better relationship. What are your thoughts? Would you talk with me about this? Would you be willing to read it so we can understand how to parent more effectively? Non-direct, I'm not accusing you. I'm just saying we as a family, we, I would love to have non device time so we can connect on a, on a better, in a better way.

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