I’m Worried About My Child’s Sleeping Patterns

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This question is, uh, my child seems to sleep less and less, I'm worried. I guess one of the things that I would wanna do is I would wanna incorporate into this sleep hygiene and look at the patterns and the habits of, of devices. We know, for example, that, uh, most of our electronic devices emit a blue light, which reduces the release of our natural melatonin in our bodies. So one of the best things that we can do is create a habit of where we're away from devices for a period of time before we sleep. Uh, the recommendation is about an hour. So we might wanna incorporate into this, uh, pattern a a from the research about an hour before can actually help. So create new patterns or habits before they go to bed. And in general, if we approach it that way, that's one step. We can look at other things that we do for sleep hygienist, consistency of sleep. We know that most adolescents need somewhere between eight and a half to 10 hours of sleep. And that's just the way the developing body as it's maturing, the hormones being released into the body. That's the way it works. So we want to address that. I do believe that that's one of the reasons why we're seeing more mental health challenges, anxiety, depression in our children, is because, because our bodies need a certain amount of sleep. And when we're not getting it, our bodies, uh, metaphorically throw a temper tantrum. And it's like that 2-year-old who's not getting enough sleep and you know that they need to just fall asleep, but they can't 'cause they're so angry. And, and really that's what I think we're seeing in our adolescents. They're getting data overload, as I've said. They're getting too much information and, and then they're on these devices really, literally right to the time they're gonna sleep. And, and that's, that's just not a good combination. So I do believe that we wanna increase our, uh, sleep hygiene awareness and incorporate that into our, our lives. As adults. We need to do the same thing.

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