What is the Best App to Monitor My Childs Phone Usage?

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It's a good question.
Uh, some programs like circle, uh, they can actually, you can put it on your router
and then it will actually shut things off.
It will monitor things.
Um, so that, that's just one example,
but I would do a little bit of research
to see which one fits best with you.
But you can actually turn off apps and devices and on smartphones at certain times.
But I can't tell you specifically, primarily
because I don't know your area.
I don't know your situation,
but I would certainly, I would go to Google.
I'd type in your question that you have,
and I'd look at different options
and, uh, then I'd make a, a informed choice based upon that.
If you spend 30 minutes to an hour, you'll come up with a pretty good conclusion.

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