My son has isolated himself from the rest of the family and has shown a lot of disrespect. What do I do?

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Dr. Kevin Skinner

Dr. Kevin Skinner

LMFT | CSAT | Clinical Director

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Our 16 year old son was caught doing inappropriate things on his phone. He had been caught before, was warned and more restrictions were put. This time it was worse. One of his friends created an account for him and it jeopardized my husband since the phone is in his account. My husband is so upset because he says my son feels no remorse or he doesn’t seem sorry. This morning my husband told me he is seriously considering just giving him a flip phone. I really don’t want to go to that extreme. I think with more restrictions and more guidance he will be okay. I’m just worried this will drive him further away from us.


Our 15.5 year old son has locked himself in his room for the past 6 months. He comes down to get food only if I (his mother) am not around and he only eats in his room. He locks his bedroom door and will not anyone in. He will not talk to me but will talk to his father and brother, but still only a little bit. He has punched holes in his walls. He has failed some of his classes. He will not talk to a therapist, though my husband has tried to get him to. What can we do?