How Can I Gain My Childs Respect?

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Well, there's two parts here.One is, why do you think they don't respect you?What is it that they're doing that doesn't feel respectful? And second, are there, is there a history with your child that makes them not respect you?Now, let me give an example of that. Sometimes people stay in environments or situations where their child doesn't respect them.Sometimes they're engaging in behaviors that their child doesn't respect them. So that's the first question is, am I doing something that my child doesn't respect? Do we have a history of things in our relationship that they've lost respect with me? So those are a couple questions. They're not easy to answer, but they are important to consider. Next. Um, in this situation, I'm gonna go back to what I said earlier, love. Love is powerful. Acknowledge your fault. If you've done something wrong in the past, if you've done something that has damaged the relationship, make sure that you're not afraid to say, I did that wrong. There's something powerful as parents to say, that was wrong. I did that wrong. And so if you don't feel like your child is respecting you, go to the relationship before the rules.I find in many cases, parents go to rules before the relationship and their child doesn't respect them because they don't feel connected with the parent. It's really hard to have influence on anybody if they don't respect us. The way they respect us is to acknowledge our mistakes, to own our mistakes, to let them know that we care about them, to let them know that we're imperfect. And that is something that's parents. For some reason, we think we have to, Hey, I'm a perfect parent, or I'm a good parent. whatever it is, it's okay to say I don't know the answer.It's okay to say, I'm learning it's okay to say that was a mistake. That's a great model for our children to observe.

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