How Do I Keep My Child From Fidgeting All The Time?

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What you're speaking to are many of the symptoms of ADHD fiddle break things down.Um, so I would ask the first question, does your child have symptoms of ADHD hyperactivity or in, in, in attentiveness? Now the, the fidgeting, that's actually a really good thing. That's actually a good thing if they, if they have ADHD. So I would first of all, wanna rule out ADHD. If they don't have ADHD I would be very surprised, but it is possible. So, again, I can't diagnose this way. I'm just simply saying fidgety, taking things apart. It's their way of dealing with their hands. Left, right hemisphere movement. We have actually have a class on parent guidance on, um, how to help our children dealing with ADHD symptoms. The reason why is because it's very common and it's the brain is just functioning in a different way. It's not wrong, it's just a little bit different. So your child takes things apart because their mind is working, trying to figure things out. So children with, um, those symptoms do a whole lot better. Hand eye coordination, right? Left. They do better with things. Sorry to say this, mom and dad, they do better with skateboarding. They do better with skiing. They do better with what actually recreates right? Left hemisphere movement. It's really good for the brain if you want the reverence for that. Uh, John Ratey, R-A-T-E-Y, he wrote a book called Spark. He has a whole chapter in there on the benefits of exercise and ADHD or reducing those symptoms. So that's where I would start. Again, I can't diagnose.You might wanna do that, uh, through a professional, uh, in your area. But if those symptoms manifest, their child is inattentive. They don't pay attention. Their mind is racing. They, they, you know, go from one thing to the next thing. Squirrel. Uh, they don't finish projects. That's a pretty good indication.

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