My Child is Spending Too Much Time in Her Room

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Okay, so we like to do that, but let's do something together. Let's do the homework at the table. I'll be working on this.You'd be working on that. The general concept is isolation.
Yes, I can get my homework done, but in connection with others, yeah. It's a better outcome. Right? So, hey, we're gonna sit at the table,
you're gonna be working on this, I'm gonna be working on that.
And it's just a way to get them away from isolation. What we're trying to take away is isolation. It is such a huge problem in our culture today.
We, can't afford to continue in an isolated state.
So yes, we want our children involved, engaged, um,
and in, in, in particular, if it's in a social setting or in a public setting, um, and then it's a matter of mom and her dad saying, okay, hey, you're doing great. I can reinforce it. I can't do that.
If they're in their bedroom by themselves, especially as you say on the weekends, we need to encourage social connectedness. It is absolutely critical for our mental health and our wellbeing.

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