How to Help Your Child Be More Confident with Peers

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If, if they're struggling with peers,
I would probably invite a peer over.
So go from a group situation to a single situation.
And the reason why that matters is there's some people who in a group setting, they shut down
because they, you typically might have a, I don't know what you wanna call a group leader, the one
who initiates most of the conversations.
What we wanna do is we wanna take that
and find a person where it actually encourages them
to be one-on-one with somebody, which means they're talking more, which means they're understanding more and they're developing a social skill
with a one-on-one relationship.
That's a really helpful way to take them out of a group setting.
So one-on-one, Hey, let's invite the person over the, that you would like to be with the most.
Let's have a pizza party at our house.
Let's play some fun games.
And that, let's try and experiment just to see how that goes.
And then what you do is you try to help facilitate that in, in a more meaningful,
simple way rather than in a group setting.

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