I Don’t Want My Child’s Struggles to Influence How Others Feel About Them

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Two things there. Uh, your concern is a valid concern because historically we haven't been comfortable talking about mental health related issues. I would encourage you to think about what your biggest fear is. How would they, how would they potentially deal with your child differently with that information? And now we're talking about your first, your concern. And I would really wanna pay close attention to that. Second to that, I promise you, given today's climate and today's environment, that they are dealing with many, many students who are dealing with similar issues. There is nobody or no school district and no core class that does not have somebody dealing with anxiety and depression. And so in reality, they're dealing with it probably way more than you may anticipate. Now, what that really means is for you to open up and talk with them, they're gonna understand more appropriately how to respond and deal with your child if they had understand what's actually happening to your child. So it's hard to help when you don't know. And so my encouragement to you is to address your concerns. You may not talk with the teacher without talking with your child first, but it's very appropriate to express to your teacher in a te parent teacher conference or another time that, hey, we're going through some difficult things and I want to make you aware of it because I want my child to feel like somebody else understands them besides me. And so the invitation there, and I'm gonna tell you, I've interacted with most teachers and most of the teachers that I've interacted with throughout the years, we've been doing this, they are sensitive and they're aware and they care and they want to help. And in some situations that you get back an email saying, or in that conversation, just let me know if I can help. If they need a little bit more time with an assignment, if I can create a different situation for learning for them, just, uh, I, I'm more than willing to do that. And if you want them to come talk with me after class, we can work on, you know, whatever challenges they may be having related to the schoolwork. And now the teacher is on their team. They feel understood creating a relationship, which we really want our children to have. We want our children to have as many healthy relationships as they can possibly create. Our society is based on healthy relationships. The more of 'em that we have, the better our entire society is.

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