What Language Can We Use To Be More Effective When Addressing Phone Time?

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A great question. My first invitation is education. Let's educate our children so they understand that, right? If we are gonna educate them so they can understand what's actually happening, then, then they aren't just flying blindly, they're flying with information. Knowledge is power. Information can help guide us. So in this situation, take information like what we're covering tonight. Uh, and, and I would say that in our course on parent guidance, the one on digital media, it would be helpful for maybe we can invite them to go watch that course. Because in that course, we actually talk about the how to communicate with our child and educate them on the influence of social media, on their mental health and their overall wellbeing. So I think it's important that we educate ourselves, then we communicate that with our children, so we're on the same page. And to me, that would be one of the better things that we could do, is educate them and, and help them make informed decisions. Now again, we live in a culture today where you can't get away from technology. They're doing papers on it, they're communicating with their friends on it. There's, if they're working in a group project, they're sharing the information in a group project. You can't get away from it, and you shouldn't get away from it, except when it's overwhelming you. And it is creating anxiety and depression because you're consuming in other ways. Again, am I using these devices for tasks that are helping me learn and grow? Or am I constantly being disrupted and, and interrupted from my learning experience because I keep getting these ding, ding, ding, ding, ding dings. And so we, we want to have a communication with them about the purpose of today's technology and how to mo get the most out of it and use it most effectively.

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